HRA Structural Engineers, P.A.

Hadi Rahnama, P.E., Principal & Structural Engineer

  • Project Assignment:
    • Managerial Work
    • Design and final approval of all drawings and specifications
  • Experience:
    • With HRA Structural Engineers: 26 years
    • With Other Firms: 20 years
  • Education:
    • Master of Science Degree in 1972 Civil Engineering, Specialization in Structural Engineering
  • Active Registration:
    • 1972 Structural Engineering, P.E. State of Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and Delaware
  • Other Notes:
    • Mr. Rahnama is responsible for the overall operations and management of the firm. He has managed many small as well as large projects for more than forty-six years. He investigates a wide variety of preliminary design schemes and compares cost estimates to produce economical structures. He has designed many high-rise buildings in Washington, D.C., and other cities around the country, including the 28-story Marriott Hotel in Orlando, Florida. He has worked with and is familiar with standards and guidelines for such government agencies as the Department of Veteran Affairs, the D.C. Department of Public Work, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the State Department. He has lived in the Washington Metropolitan area since 1960 and is familiar with the geographic area. He is a U.S. citizen and a member of the Consulting Engineers Council of Metropolitan Washington, the American Concrete Institute and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Other Personnel

HRA Structural Engineers also calls upon a number of other project and structural engineers with many years of combined experience when a project requires it.